Location Departure Date Departure Time Ticket Cost
Charlotte, NC 4/15/20 5:30PM $150
Greenville, NC 5/28/20 10:00AM $130
Charleston, SC 4/15/20 5:30PM $115
Asheville, NC 3/19/20 7:45AM $100
Columbia, SC 5/7/20 7:45PM $125
Rockhill, NC 4/12/20 6:40PM $90
Anderson, SC 4/4/20 5:00AM $90
Franklin, NC 3/13/20 5:00AM $120
Anderson, SC 3/25/20 5:00AM $100
Spartanburg, SC 4/4/20 5:00AM $110
Lexington, SC 5/16/20 5:00AM $90
  Seat Class     Destination:     Passenger Count:     Departure:     Return:  
Every week we feature two destinations to help you discover a new and exciting location! Read more about about our featured destinations below, or watch the videos attached to get a good view of the area!

Charleston , SC
South Carolina is one of our most popular destinations with it's beautiful beaches, incredible historical downtown architecture, and scenic outdoor landscape unique to the low-country.If you're looking for the ultimate relaxation destination you can't get much better than the beautiful South Carolina. For flight options check the schedule above.

Asheville , NC

Mountains, forests, concrete jungles- Asheville has it all! Been needing the perfect outdoor getaway while still having the option of the comforting indoors? Asheville is the destination for you! Another one of our most popular destinations, Asheville has a lot to offer! Plenty of activities, both indoors and out, for all ages!